Who is building Splash?

20 Wizards

We are a growing team of hackers, snackers and Slackers.

Maximilian Schneider
Founder, CTO
Stefan Marx
Founder, CPO
Michael Ronen
Founder, CEO
Chris Mansfield
Irina Vidal Migallon
Computer Vision Researcher
Berner Panti
Computer Vision Engineer
Adam Schuster
Computer Vision Engineer
Sergey Vandyshev
Computer Vision Engineer
Maria Teresa Chietera
Machine Learning Researcher
André Gröschel
Software Engineer - Unity
Bass Jansson
Software Engineer - iOS/Unity
Alejandro Pereda
Senior Engineer - iOS/Unity
Johanna Latt
Software Engineer - Unity
Carsten Schipke
Backend Engineer
Jere Sorsa
QA Manager
Eike Drescher
UI/UX Design
Matias Brunacci
VFX Prototyper
Elliott Perez
Business Development & Partnerships Manager
Jana Arcega
Communication and Media Manager
Elenie Nanaki
Office Manager

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